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Sandra Martin

Sandra Martin created her image consultancy in 2004 with a clear mission– to help people feel confident and look amazing every day.

Her knowledge of what looks good on different body types as well as the psychology of colour, enables her to teach clients how to shine in the colour palette that brings out the best in them. She is able to combine her natural talents, extensive training and an almost scientific approach, to demonstrate what works for you and why.

Sandra believes image management and personal branding is a major component in your “toolbox of life” which, when mastered, delivers confidence and an edge in every area of your life – truly looking fabulous and feeling great from the inside out, helps to achieve what matters most to you in your life.

It is her work with her clients that gives Sandra the most pleasure. Through workshops, corporate events, media appearances, colour consultations, and personal shopping services, she shares her considerable knowledge with everyone from stay-at-home mothers, business women to corporate executives. Sandra wants to help you get dressed, get out the door, and get on with life, truly ‘walking your talk”.

Genuinely passionate about and committed to her mission, Sandra is a highly sought after image consultant and stylist, a business and personal etiquette specialist, a public speaker, and behaviour and communication consultant. Sandra has worked in senior management positions in New Zealand and Australia and brings a wealth of experience to all of her sessions and private consultantions.

Sandra has over 15,000+ hours of coaching and her clients included Westfield Shopping Centre, McDonalds, Department of Primary Industries, Department of Industry & Investment, Cutlers Real Estate,BDS Accountancy Group, Ward Wilson Accountants, Border Imaging, MultiPeak Fitness as well as small businesses, schools, and hundreds of individuals.

Training accreditations include:

  • Internationally – Certified Image and Colour Consultant
  • Workplace Trainer and Assessor
  • Master of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • EDISC Behavioural Profiling
  • Diploma of Business Management
  • Thomas Cook Management Program

Sandra MartinTelephone: 0414728968
City/Town: Albury

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